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Every day, people, businesses and governments at large experience crippling cyber-attacks against complex technology. Ask any CIO/CISO/Head-of-Security/etc.: It takes a well-educated, tested and motivated professional to confidently provide real protection against the responsible threat actors. Often times, in this industry, we see people who have taken classes or who have received certifications and believe they are prepared to protect the organization’s critical infrastructure. The problem – most times they are not prepared with the technical and practical knowledge to properly defend against real threat actors. HaB was developed to fill several voids in the training of young cybersecurity professionals: providing technical knowledge of both offensive and defensive techniques, knowledge on system engineering, leadership, critical thinking, and career planning. HaB is centered around comprehensive development of the student, introducing them to the college bound process and connecting them with leading experts in the cybersecurity field. Our comprehensive educational focus sets HaB apart from other competitions, where students pay to play with little to no interaction from real world experts. When you partner with HaB, you not only help build a more resilient world, but you gain priority access to bring these future experts into your organization.


Support from sponsorships and donations allow the HaB leadership team flexibility in building the nation’s leading cybersecurity youth program, but it's not the only way you can help HaB achieve its mission. HaB provides students with college and career preparation materials and we're looking to partner with organizations in making earning security accreditation more accessible to high schoolers. If you are a certifying body and are interested in offering these types of resources, HaB would love to connect with you. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for panel members and mentors in various areas of the industry. If you feel you can add value to these bright young people's lives in any way, please reach out today. Please consider partnering with us today to build a better means to inspiring the next generation of security experts!

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