Hack a Bit is a competition that connects talented, interested and motivated high school students to desperate industry need, all while educating them to be critically employed. HaB also focuses on building mentorship networks between students and the leading industry experts. HaB is the world's most effective program at identifying youth talent and filling the industry’s employment pipeline, in a fun, competitive environment.



Interested students can pre-register for the competition on the website prior to the official registration launch date. Those who preregister will get an email from HaB containing instructions on how to register for an account and how to compete in the competition. Eligible students who, in the current year of competition are in middle and high school (grades 8-12) will be able to win prizes and other incentives provided by our industry partners!

The first round of the competition is open to everyone who is eligible. As the competition begins, candidates compete to earn an invitation to the national finals. As finals approach, the participant pool becomes more selective. Additional prizes are available from a broad range of vendors and vary each competition. HaB aligns motivated, talented students with significant opportunities in the cybersecurity field. Students have the option to compete as a team of up to five participants.

Round One
Round Two
Round Three


The first round of competition is open to all registrants. This round will take place in an asynchronous testing environment. Questions in this phase of competition assess students across various conceptual areas of cybersecurity to determine broad competency. Scores from this round are used in determining selection to national finals. The first round will be open for approximately a month. Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete the test.


Following the testing round, participants will have the opportunity to play an interactive capture the flag game where they solve technical challenges in a live environment. These challenges are focused across the same categories of technical discipline, however, they are hosted live and prove actual technical knowledge via hands-on execution of catagories such as forensics, networking analysis and exploitation. All competitors will have the opportunity to participate in this round of competition and it will be live for approximately three weeks.


The last round of competition will be a synchronous attack/defense event. This is a live competition where candidates are required to defend their network from peers and keep services running while attacking others to capture resources live. There will also be some capture the flag challenges. Points are awarded based on flags captured and service uptime. This live event will run for aproximately two days and the winners will recieve the top prizes available as well as direct interface with employers that want them NOW!

Awards & Prizes

Prizes for the top three performing teams will be identified prior to the competition. Keep an eye out for our announcement. In addition to these prizes, there will be scholarships, college preparation materials curated by College Options Foundation, and opportunities for employment with partnering organizations. All participants will receive a digital record of their placement, Hack-a-Bit swag, sponsor provided prize kits and opportunities to interface with industry professionals.


Hack a Bit provides structured education. Security is a broad and diverse field and the program designers understand that other competitions simply do not provide realistic educational objectives. Hack a Bit is able to take a driven smart young person and help them become excellent in this domain, like no other.

Competition seating will be tentitavely limited to 1000 students in year one. In following years, program designers intend to remove this restriction.

Interest and drive. The team has seen time and time again that a driven bright person will out perform talent. Hack a Bit is designed to be effective in the education space and if you show up with a winning attitude, you will win.

Hack a Bit's first year of competition will start in the Fall of 2023. The team wants to do this right and that time table provides enough time to build an industry changing competition.

Details on registration will be published in the Spring of 2023.

No, round one is available 24 hours/day during the testing window.

There will be a registration deadline announced when registration opens in the spring.

Results will be emailed out to the registration email competitors provide.

All competitors from round one will continue to round two, scores from round one will be used for context.

Selection to finals is a substantial accomplishment. Only the top few percent of competitors will have the opportunity to participate in this round.