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> Hack a Bit inspires students to

Hack a Bit (HaB) is the world leader at introducing bright young people to the lucrative field of cybersecurity. Our mission is to educate students to a degree where they can fulfill employers' needs, employers who are desperate for competitor's skills and enthusiasm. Over the past decades, there has been an increasing need for strong passionate talent in the field. HaB is the missing link in bringing forward the next generation of cybersecurity talent. HaB inspires capable young minds to pursue the most lucrative field in the world, cybersecurity, and make a drastic difference in people's lives throughout the world. Every security program out there is missing something critical: primarily educational vectors. HaB provides an engaging, interactive, bar-none education today, to identify and prepare the strongest talent to defend American people tomorrow.

Join us in a better approach to inspiring the next generation of industry leading security experts.


The competition is broken up into three phases. Competitors are tested on their current knowledge before introduction to a live competition round where they must hack and decipher to gain points. Then at national finals, competitors are introduced to a live range where they must attack others while keeping their critical infrastrucure alive.


Program leadership combine decades of industry experience and perspective. These individuals have changed the lives of over eight million students in the last two decades, across both purely academic and cyber environments. HaB is the next offering from one of the most networked, capable and visionary team in the world.


HaB leadership knows that competition partners must be closely aligned with the program mission to achieve total impact. Cyber security is a requirement for every organization in the modern world and HaB staff have proven they can deliver in this challenging area. Join us today for access to the most capable professionals the world has to offer.